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Meet The Gallacchi's!

Jenn & Traci have known each other since middle school, and have stayed great friends ever since. When Jenn and her husband Tim needed to sell their home in Colonie, Traci & Cornwell Real Estate were there for them! 

Their home sold in under 48 hrs and now the pressure was on to find the forever home. At the time they were looking, there was limited inventory and homes that were overpriced sitting on the market. They had their eye on a house, but due to how much work it needed, it was over their budget. After weeks of searching and just not finding "the one," they circled back to the overpriced home that was still on the market and began the negotiation process, that eventually had a happy ending! 

The Gallacchi's got the home where they envisioned themselves raising a growing family and the rest is history! Below is the story of their experience with Cornwell Real Estate and the beautiful upgrades they have made in their home in just a few short years. 

What made you decide to sell your old home? How did you know it was the right time?

Our daughter, Cameron was around 8 months old when we decided it was time to move. Our house was just becoming too small for our 2 dogs and growing family. We knew that we wanted more room for Cameron to grow and run around.

What were you looking for in a real estate agent? How did you find out about Traci & Cornwell Real Estate?

We knew we wanted someone who was going to do what was best for us and also had experience with the process. We knew that we wanted a colonial style home in a family friendly neighborhood and we were kind of particular about location. We wanted to make sure that our real estate agent would help us find that and not try and change our minds. Traci was definitely the right choice. Traci was a long time friend of mine. We have been friends since she brought me out of my shell in sixth grade so there was no question about who we were going to use.

What surprised you the most about the buying process with Cornwell Real Estate?

How quickly our house sold was definitely the most surprising thing about the whole process. Once Traci put it on the market, I think we had 30 showings on the first day. By the end of the day, we had 3 or 4 full price offers.

What home improvements have you made on your home since purchasing? Future plan renovation plans? Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am always looking for some sort of DIY project to work on. We painted and put new flooring in the house shortly after we moved in. We also white washed the fireplace and put up some DIY shiplap because Joanna Gaines is my girl. Two of the three bathrooms have been upgraded with paint and new fixtures. I tried my hand at stenciling the floor tiles. Our biggest and probably my favorite project has been completely redoing the kitchen and adding a laundry room on the first floor. I loved being able to design it myself from start to finish. Our most recent project has been the outside of the house where we replaced the front door, garage doors and lighting fixtures. We also completely removed the front porch railings and added cedar beams and white washed that brick as well. Our future plans include replacing the windows, upgrading the backyard and eventually redoing the bathrooms completely.

Were there stressful moments? How were they handled?

What isn’t stressful about buying and selling a house?! We had originally put in an offer for our home that was rejected and then our house sold so quickly and we were left thinking “what do we do now?” We had looked at a few other houses but we couldn’t see ourselves living in them one day. I couldn’t get my mind off of that one colonial! Traci suggested that we write a letter to the current owners and put in another offer. It had been a few months since the first offer was rejected so Tim and I were nervous but it all worked out in the end. They ended up accepting our offer!! The previous owner made a point to say how much she enjoyed the letter that we wrote at the closing.


What has been your favorite memory in your home so far?

It is so hard to pick just one memory from the last 3 and ½ years as our favorite, but I would have to say hosting our first Thanksgiving was one of the best. It was after our kitchen was finished so it was nice to have a nice open space to host both of our families. It was our first time hosting a holiday and we loved having everyone in our home to celebrate. We are hoping that we can return to that tradition after the pandemic is over so we can make new memories with all of our family and friends.

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