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Meet the Guo-Nguyen Family

Traci Cornwell
Apr 4 4 minutes read

Meet the Guo-Nguyen Family

Meet Julina Guo and Steve Nguyen. They made the move to the Capital District in 2020. The legal services attorneys who specialize in immigration and eviction defense were tiring of the daily commute to Manhattan from Kew Gardens, Queens. Three years of the lengthy commute, coupled with a desire for more space had them eying relocation to the Capital Region. As their young family grew, Julina and Steve’s 700 sqft apartment was no longer feeling adequate for them or their large dog, Luma. They were determined to provide her with the backyard of her dreams! The yard proved to be abundant enough for two dogs, and the family happily welcomed a second dog, Zuko, into their lives after getting settled in their new home.

Why did you decide on Niskayuna to buy a home?

"As newcomers to the Capital Region, we relied heavily on Traci’s expertise of the surrounding neighborhoods. We ultimately decided on Niskayuna for its family-friendly traits, such as safe roads, abundance of public parks, and an excellent school district."



What stood out to you throughout the process?

"We quickly learned that, despite their proximity, each neighborhood had its own unique “feel.” Only with Traci’s guidance and after multiple visits did we realize that Niskayuna made sense for us."



What qualities did Traci have that you liked?

"Traci was patient, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable. Even before committing to the Capital Region, Traci was more than willing to tour houses with us, imparting knowledge of specific neighborhoods along the way. At every juncture, she always prioritized our dream of being homeowners. After leaving New York City permanently, we immediately reconnected with Traci, who connected us to a mortgage broker and made everything else possible."


What surprised you most about the buying process?

"We didn't realize that the buying process would involve so many third-party actors. Fortunately, Traci was available at all times to answer our questions and facilitate communication." 

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Did anything happen that involved extra attention in your home buying journey? How did Traci help you through the difficulty?

"Before closing, we noticed that our brick chimney was sealed. Without Traci’s help negotiating with the sellers, we wouldn’t have been afforded the extra time for proper inspection."

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What is your favorite memory in your home so far?

"Spending summer nights by the fire pit in our backyard, which would have been impossible back in New York City."


What changes have you made to your home? 

"Since moving in, we’ve installed central air on the first floor and fenced in the backyard for our (now two) lively dogs."

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Would you recommend Traci to someone looking for a home? Why? 

"Absolutely. Traci cares deeply about her clients and takes the time to understand their needs. She is patient, responsive, and professional. On top of that, she is a friendly guide and sounding board."

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What is your favorite part about living in Upstate NY? 

"Our proximity to nature and the pet-friendly culture. There are just so many local and State Parks for year-round activities, such as hiking or biking, and we can almost always bring our four-legged friends along!"

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Review From the Guo-Nguyen family

"We recommend Traci for someone looking for a home. We've had nothing but a pleasant, and wonderful experience working with [Traci] and her team. She's moved us along the way the entire way. She's very supportive and very responsive. She was able to accomplish so much, and helped us out in so many ways, basically on her own before she had her whole team going. We're excited to see what she can do now as an established force in the Capital Region." Read more reviews at Google reviews

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